Umbrella Insurance Policy in Stillwater

Umbrella Policies

At Valley Agencies, we are aware that life can surprise you, and accidents can occur when least expected. That’s why we offer Umbrella Insurance for that added shield of protection. Our umbrella policy is designed to catch any liability claims that go over and above what your existing insurance policies cover. Some people also know it as excess liability coverage.

Additional Coverage

An umbrella insurance policy is geared up to safeguard you from a liability claim that overshoots what your other insurances cover. So, if somebody were to sue you for an amount surpassing the liability cap of your other insurances, your umbrella policy would step up to settle the excess. Lacking an umbrella insurance would mean dipping into your own pocket for any expenses overrunning your current liability caps.

Affordable and Flexible

Valley Agencies is the way to go for inexpensive and adaptable umbrella coverage that’s all about providing extra reassurance. Typically, umbrella liability insurance policies are offered in chunks of around a million. However, if you have riskier traits, certain firms may demand a more substantial base coverage. For instance, fresh-faced drivers cause a higher proportion of accidents than those who’ve been at it for years.

Protection for Your Assets

If there are assets you want to keep secure, it’s well worth investing in an umbrella policy. Considering that lawsuits are more common every day, skimping out on this reasonably priced safeguard is a gamble you might not want to take. A good rule to follow: If your assets (think home and other properties or your belongings) overtake the liability limits of your vehicle and homeowner liability coverage limits, then an umbrella policy should be on your list of insurance needs.

Peace of Mind

More often than not, your mind is probably occupied with matters more interesting than poring over insurance fine print to figure out what’s covered or what isn’t. You can breathe easy with an affordable and reliable umbrella policy offering added reassurance. Say, for example, your teenager is at fault for a car accident that injures another person. And, say that person sues, and the settlement is greater than your liability limits. In this case, your umbrella policy would kick in to cover the difference.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience – We have been serving the St. Croix Valley and surrounding communities since 1914. Our team of licensed professionals has years worth of experience in the industry, and we put your best interests first to help protect what matters most to you.
  • Wide Range of Products – We offer plenty of personal and commercial insurance options. Whether it’s auto, home, or business insurance on your mind, we can sort it out to fit perfectly with your needs.
  • Personalized Service – We listen to you needs and work alongside you until we find the best coverage that fits your situation. Do you have questions? Need assistance with your insurance puzzles? Our licensed agents are all ears and ready to answer any questions.
  • Commitment to Giving Back – We are involved with many local organizations within our communities because we understand the importance they play in making a better experience for our society.
  • Convenience – With offices in Bayport, MN and Hudson, WI, we are able to meet with you in person or over the phone. Give us a call to set something up!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why do I need an umbrella insurance policy?

When it comes to safeguarding your wealth, nothing beats the safety net an umbrella insurance policy affords. It’s like your shield in a storm, keeping you worry-free and insulating you from major financial headaches amid lawsuits.

How much does an umbrella insurance policy cost?

The price tag attached to an umbrella insurance policy fluctuates based on multiple factors, like how much of a risk-taker you are and just how much security level you yearn for. One of our agents is available to walk you through the process of figuring out what is best for you.

How do I know if I need an umbrella insurance policy?

If your accumulative wealth (think home, other assets, personal belongings, investments) goes beyond what your car and homeowners’ liability coverage can take care of, then yes, it’s time to consider getting under the broad protection of an umbrella policy. Our agents can guide you through the process and will figure out whether investing in such a policy is necessary.

How do I get a quote for an umbrella insurance policy?

To get a quote for an umbrella insurance policy, please contact us at (651) 439-2930. Our agents are available to assist you with your insurance needs and answer any questions you may have.

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