Auto Insurance in Stillwater

Auto Insurance in Stillwater

Valley Agencies, an independent insurance agency, has been catering to residents in the St. Croix Valley and surrounding areas since 1914. We provide our clients with top-notch insurance at rates that don’t break the bank. Our seasoned team is devoted to helping you find a policy that fits your circumstances.

Valley Agencies offers Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is an essential investment for anyone who drives a car and offers peace of mind and financial protection in the event of an accident. At Valley Agencies, we offer a range of policies to suit your needs.

Liability Coverage

In Minnesota, liability coverage in your auto insurance is crucial for legal compliance and financial protection. State regulations mandate minimum coverage for bodily injury and property damage, ensuring legal adherence and preventing penalties. This coverage safeguards against personal financial strain by handling medical expenses and property damage in accidents where you may be at fault. Beyond meeting legal requirements, liability coverage provides peace of mind, assuring financial protection in unforeseen accidents. Consideration of coverage beyond the minimum is advisable, and consulting with an insurance agent can help tailor protection to specific needs and concerns.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance is vital in Minnesota for several reasons. Firstly, the state experiences harsh weather conditions, including snow and ice, which increase the risk of accidents. Collision coverage ensures your vehicle is protected against damages resulting from collisions with other vehicles or objects. Collision insurance becomes crucial in covering repair or replacement costs, allowing you to swiftly recover from accidents without bearing the financial burden personally. Without collision coverage, you might have to pay for repairs out of pocket, leading to potential financial strain. In Minnesota’s unpredictable driving conditions, having collision insurance provides essential financial security and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance is vital in Minnesota due to unpredictable weather and varied risks. Harsh conditions, including hailstorms and winter weather, increase the likelihood of non-collision incidents. This coverage protects against theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Given the state’s climate and potential for wildlife collisions, comprehensive insurance ensures coverage in scenarios not handled by standard policies. Without it, you risk facing significant repair costs. In Minnesota’s dynamic environment, comprehensive insurance provides essential protection, offering financial security and peace of mind against a range of potential risks

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage is crucial in Minnesota, providing protection if you’re in an accident with a driver who lacks insurance or has insufficient coverage. In a state where minimum coverage requirements may not be sufficient, having Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage ensures you’re financially protected in scenarios where the other driver’s insurance falls short.

Why Choose Valley Agencies?

  • Exceptional Customer Service – At Valley Agencies, we place great value in providing exceptional customer service. Our insurance professionals are committed to offering personalized attention and help when it’s most needed. We are fully aware that unexpected incidents like accidents can take a toll; that’s why we stand with you throughout the claims process.
  • Competitive Rates – To ensure our clients are getting the best policy that fits their circumstances, our team seeks out the most advantageous rates.
  • Wide Range of Coverage Options – Your peace of mind matters to us; that’s why we bring you a multitude of coverage options tailored to your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What factors affect my auto insurance premiums?

Your auto insurance premiums could be influenced by a lot of factors. We’re talking about things like how you handle the wheel (i.e., your driving record), how old you are, where you live, what type of car you drive, and what type of coverage options you choose.

What should I do if I'm involved in an accident?

If misfortune strikes and you find yourself caught in an accident, first things first – make sure everyone’s safe. Then, contact the police and swap info with any other driver(s) involved. Don’t forget to contact your insurance provider ASAP in order to report what happened and file a claim.

Do I need additional coverage if I have a new car?

If you recently purchased a new vehicle, you might want to consider adding more coverage options into the mix, like gap insurance or new car replacement coverage. At Valley Agencies we can offer advice tailored just for you, so together, we can figure out the best possible coverage options.

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